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Fairy Doors

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  1. A Lovely Large Fairy Door To Let The Fairies Into Your Home Or Garden

    A Lovely Large Fairy Door To Let The Fairies Into Your Home Or Garden

    Item no. 416

    Regular Price: £5.23

    Special Price: £4.00

    a gorgeous fairy door with separate laser cut hinges to layer onto the door to make it even more authentic.. Learn More
  2. Beautiful Potters Nook Flowerpot Fairy house door

    Beautiful Potters Nook Flowerpot Fairy house door

    Item no. 2860
    A perfect little fairy door for all those gardening-mad fairies and pixies in your life! A little fiddly to assemble and you'd need glue to put it all together.. but so worth the trouble. Made from interior ply so not meant for outdoors, but of course you can varnish it and it will have some time looking okay outside.. bring it in during rotten weather I'd say. The pot is not supplied, it's called a 10cm pot, and the diameter of the door is about 8cm or just under. The door is supplied in layers which are glued together to give a space for the hinges for the door. Then the little window slots in from the back with a front frame to glue on top... the little door knocker comes as pieces to assemble as well. There is also the option to buy a 2D version of the door, and also a 2D version with a spike for sticking into flower pots, bouquets or even as a cake topper! Just select which you'd like from the drop-down menu. Perfect for glittering up to pretty up your windowsills and shelves! (Copyright Daisymoon Designs 2016) Learn More
  3. Beautiful 2D Wonky Fairy House

    Beautiful 2D Wonky Fairy House

    Item no. 2858
    A beautiful 2D Fairy house! Perfect for decorating walls, toy boxes and crafts! This lovely house comes with a door frame and knocker to add a lovely 3D element, and measure approximately 15cm x 16cm. These houses are only £2 when you purchase 1 - or buy more to get a better deal! Prices are: £2 each for 1 £1.75 each for 5 and £1.40 each for 10! Just select from the drop-down to say how many you would like. Happy Crafting! (Copyright Daisymoon Designs 2016) Learn More
  4. Beautiful Tinkerspell Fairy Cottage

    Beautiful Tinkerspell Fairy Cottage

    Item no. 2856
    Hiding at the end of the garden, peeping from the rafters, and dozing in the flower bed.. live the magical friendly fairies! Show them some love with a beautifully quirky wonky fairy house! Perfect for all of your magical mates needs! These fairy houses can be bought flat packed for you to put together yourself (you'll need a little wood glue), or fully assembled and ready to paint! If putting it together yourself, bear in mind it is a little fiddly, but we will send a set of instructions to help you along! These houses are 15.5cm tall, 15cm wide, and 9.5cm deep. Each house will come with everything you need to put together your lovely abode, along with 3D elements like window and door frames, and a door knocker! As these are cut from 4mm MDF, they aren't waterproof, but if you plan on using these houses outside, ensure you use a good outdoor paint and lacquer/sealant (paint the house inside and out), they should happily last a few years in the garden! (But they will deteriorate over time). Alternatively, select the option to have it made from exterior wood! Which when painted will last even longer. The photos show how it will look from all sides, and a cat for scale ;). She wanted it for herself.. (Cat not included.. sorry!) Perfect to decorate fairies, pixies, or paint in wintery colours for a jolly Christmas Elf home! Happy Crafting! Learn More
  5. Knights Kingdom Castle with dragon

    Knights Kingdom Castle with dragon

    Item no. 2848
    Every knight needs a castle! This set comes with a gorgeous castle door, sign post, your brave knight, and our little dragon - Will he be friend, or foe? You decide! The castle measures approximately 11cm x 13cm The knight is approx 8cm x 5cm The little dragon is 4cm x 4.5cm And the signpost 6cm x 3cm. You can buy 1 set for £4, or 3 sets for £10 Get creative and craft happy! (Copyright Daisymoon Designs 2016) Learn More
  6. 6 x Fairy Doors 13cm

    6 x Fairy Doors 13cm

    Item no. 2831
    our lovely fairy doors cut in 3mm ply instead of the mdf much easier to paint ... these are 13cm tall, and have a separate frame, window frame and door knob to layer up for a more 3d finish. laser cut from 3mm ply designed by daisy moon copyright daisymoon designs 2015 Learn More
  7. Cute little fairy door with door knocker

    Cute little fairy door with door knocker

    Item no. 2823
    An adorable little fairy door with some lovely embellishments! This cute little door has a sweet heart shaped window for your fairies to see out of, with an extra frame to add a 3D effect! You also get a little door knocker, door knob, hinges and a pair of mushrooms! Everything your fairy needs to feel at home! The price here is £2.50 for 1 Fairy Door with the embellishments, Or, buy 3 for £4! Perfect to glitter up and add a little magic to your life! (Copyright Daisymoon Designs 2016) Learn More
  8. Fairy Doors.. choose your door!

    Fairy Doors.. choose your door!

    Item no. 2368
    These two doors are cut from 4mm mdf and have layered frames and window for a 3d effect. Choose which door you'd like from the drop down menu.. or have both! These doors are approximately 10cm x 7.5cm designed by Sleepy Gnome copyright daisymoon designs 2014 Learn More
  9. Beautiful Fairy Door Set

    Beautiful Fairy Door Set

    Item no. 1106
    How about a magical fairy door with a few embellishments to create a beautifully crafted doorway into another world... includes your door about 10cm high .. a mini heart.. some mushrooms, daisy and butterfly Learn More
  10. Fairy Door Wooden Blank  For Your  Delight

    Fairy Door Wooden Blank For Your Delight

    Item no. 1105
    Just a blank door, but possibly the entrance to a sparkly fairy word xx measures approx 10cm high or choose to have 20cm for £1 laser cut from 3mm ply Learn More

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