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Father's Day is upon us.. and what to buy our Dads & Grandads! You could buy socks of course.. or you could craft them up a wonderful, unique laser cut keepsake instead... We have a lovely Fathers' Day Collection

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We are now working on standard orders up to and including July 11th. Custom orders will take longer. Thank you

Plaque Shapes

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  1. Home is where the RAF sends us plaque:

    Home is where the RAF sends us plaque:

    Item no. 1712
    A much requested item... you can choose to have the little houses hanging to write the locations on .. or have hearts instead, or even a combination of both. Please don't ask for any variation on this design apart from what has just been suggested. Please email daisy@daisymoondesigns.co.uk if you have any special requests on this theme. Designed by sleepy gnome: copyright daisy moon designs 2013 Learn More
  2. Pretty wand in 6mm ply : 25cm

    Pretty wand in 6mm ply : 25cm

    Item no. 1709
    a Lovely wand shape, cut from 6mm ply for extra thickness.. Pretty it up with sparkle and colour.. the one in the picture has been inked up and embellished with decoart enamel glitter paint and liquid pearls... all available here.. the wand is not sold as a toy & it doesn't work either! we tried to cut our orders quicker by waving the wand around but it didn't work ... maybe you'll have more luck ... it's about 25cm tall and one undecorated wand is supplied Learn More
  3. mdf oval plaques 12mm : choose your size

    mdf oval plaques 12mm : choose your size

    Item no. 1708

    Out of stock

    Yet more choice of plaques in mdf.. ovals in a choice of sizes: we have: 6" x 4" - 65p 8"x6" - 95p 10"x 7.5" - 1.35 12" x 9" - 1.95 use the drop down menu to choose your size Learn More
  4. three bone plaques 15cmx8cm

    three bone plaques 15cmx8cm

    Item no. 1984
    .. these are requested so often, that I thought it was about time we put them on the website! measuring about 15cm x 8cm with two holes. copyright to daisymoon designs 2014 Learn More
  5. Excuse the Mess... we're busy!

    Excuse the Mess... we're busy!

    Item no. 2144
    I love this expression.. when children are having fun then housework has to wait! This one has crayons as well with space enough for you to write your children's names on to personalise.. or why not get the children to fingerprint a heart to hang from the sign with their name on ? Lovely to personalise and keep as a family treasure . designed by Sleepy gnome copyright daisymoon designs 2014 - the phrase is not our own, but the design is Learn More
  6. a very simple bow shape

    a very simple bow shape

    Item no. 2145
    ... a lovely addition to your craft shapes... add a bow to any plaque to make it instantly girly and pretty... you can choose from 5cm 8cm 10cm 15cm use the drop down menu to make your size choice Learn More
  7. Cute elephant Photo frame

    Cute elephant Photo frame

    Item no. 2766
    Beautifully cute elephant frame for a photo .. lovely gift for nan! Learn More
  8. Beautiful Special Days sign

    Beautiful Special Days sign

    Item no. 2751
    Just beautiful.. imagine the cherry blossoms painted pink or cream, with a touch of sparkle .. it's just asking to be painted! Hang on your wall and never have an excuse not to send a card again! Learn More
  9. Engraved detail plaque with hearts 20cmx10cm

    Engraved detail plaque with hearts 20cmx10cm

    Item no. 2693
    Lovely engraved detail on the corners of these plaques.. Choose to have the two corners with the engraved detail or all four corners. These plaques look particularly lovely if they are waxed or varnished .. designed by sleepygnome copyright daisymoon designs 2015 laser cut from 3mm ply Learn More
  10. FABULOUS frame!

    FABULOUS frame!

    Item no. 2691
    What a fabulous frame we have for you ! Beautiful design and a real statement piece.. can be used for home decor! as a wedding prop... as a mirror frame... It comes in two parts for easy painting.. just glue the front and back together when you've finished your painting.. or waxing or spraying.. or glittering... this one measures: 3ft x 2ft 8" It can be made bigger or smaller! just email us for any requirements. It is £22.00 posted.. Learn More

Items 21 to 30 of 64 total

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