Welcome to Daisymoon Designs- the Lasercut Factory!!

The World is upside down right down and full of worries and uncertainty.. we all hope you can stay calm and take each day at a time,  looking after yourselves, your family and those around you.

Here at DaisyMoon, we are still working flat out on orders and are taking careful precautions with your parcels, sanitising our hands regularly and cleaning surfaces and tools throughout the day. 

We have even supplied our postie and courier with Hand gel so the chain is clean and consistent when it leaves our premises. 

Just be mindful when you take in parcels that the virus can survive on cardboard for a while - so wash your hands after handling any post or parcels delivered.  

We will continue to laser cut and prepare your orders and ship them as long as transport remains available.  

Stay safe, stay calm and Craft your way through this crisis...  much love from us all. x


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Welcome to Daisymoon!

Current Orders

We are now working on standard orders up to and including JULY 1ST- Custom orders including Time Stood Still orders - will take longer. Thank you

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  1. Hope Heart or rainbow

    Hope Heart or rainbow

    Item no. 3167
    Keep Hope close to your Heart to get through tough times.. Learn More
  2. Time Stood Still Keepsake Memento

    Time Stood Still Keepsake Memento

    Item no. 3049
    We will personalise with the name, date and weight to make this a special keepsake to keep forever. The sign comes in parts for you to assemble so you can put the clock to the right time, and paint it before gluing it together. Learn More
  3. Family Birthday Board

    Family Birthday Board

    Item no. 3046
    Leave a note to tell us if you want Family or Family & Friends engraved on the board. Learn More
  4. Choice of little children shapes

    Choice of little children shapes

    Item no. 3044
    A great selection of children shapes for your projects. Price is for just one shape. use the drop down menu to make your selection. Learn More
  5. Christmas Robin Star

    Christmas Robin Star

    Item no. 3041
    Painted or plain, choose the one for you ... Learn More
  6. Beautiful Memorial Angel Engraved

    Beautiful Memorial Angel Engraved

    Item no. 3021
    A very special angel for someone who has passed away and who took a great pride and love in their home here on earth. You can change the text from Mothers to say Nans, Sisters, Aunties etc..whatever is required, just leave a note to that effect. Copyright Daisymoon Designs 2017 Lasercut from 3mm ply Learn More
  7. Beautiful Mother's Day gift idea

    Beautiful Mother's Day gift idea

    Item no. 3016
    Supplied is one moulded plastic heart . It comes in two parts so you can fill the heart with anything you like from an engraved heart sentiment as shown to chocolates or jewellery! The heart includes a loop at the top so it may be hung as a bauble at Christmas or at any time of year! The heart measures approximately 8cm You can choose to purchase the heart on its own for your own "filling" or add one of our engraved hearts.. just use the drop down menu to add what you'd like. copyright daisymoon designs 2018 The hearts are cut from 3mm ply, the one in the photo has been inked white and glittered, the heart will come to you undecorated & the plastic heart bauble will come in two parts. Learn More
  8. Robins appear when loved ones are near keepsake heart

    Robins appear when loved ones are near keepsake heart

    Item no. 2949
    A beautiful Heart to have all the year around, but expecially at Christmas. Our heart measures 12cm and is engraved with the image and text. Please contact us if you'd like anything different. laser cut from 3mm ply designed by Benjamyn Rees copyright Daisymoon Designs 2017 Learn More
  9. Magical Mermaid & Unicorn Sign 38cmx25cm

    Magical Mermaid & Unicorn Sign 38cmx25cm

    Item no. 2906
    This beautiful sign is full of imagination and dreams as it speaks of flights of fantasy with unicorns, mermaids and moons! Be inspired and take a magical journey with this beautiful sentiment.. add glitter and sparkle and smile! It is laser cut from 3mm ply measures approx. 38cmx25cm designed by SleepyGnome in a moment of wild imaginative alertness! Learn More
  10. Stunning Moon Fairy- Wish upon a Star

    Stunning Moon Fairy- Wish upon a Star

    Item no. 2905
    This gorgeous hanging Moon Fairy is just a perfect addition to anyone's home .... our beautiful Moon Fairy, Rose sits thoughtfully on her Moon taking in the scent of the Rose ... it's a captured moment.. The moon engraved with Wish upon a Star complements the piece perfectly... ideal for a bedroom .. just add some glitter and sparkle to catch the light! Designed by SleepyGnome Laser cut from 3mm Ply copyright Daisymoon Designs Ltd. 2017 Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 47 total

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