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The World is upside down right down and full of worries and uncertainty.. we all hope you can stay calm and take each day at a time,  looking after yourselves, your family and those around you.

Here at DaisyMoon, we are still working flat out on orders and are taking careful precautions with your parcels, sanitising our hands regularly and cleaning surfaces and tools throughout the day. 

We have even supplied our postie and courier with Hand gel so the chain is clean and consistent when it leaves our premises. 

Just be mindful when you take in parcels that the virus can survive on cardboard for a while - so wash your hands after handling any post or parcels delivered.  

We will continue to laser cut and prepare your orders and ship them as long as transport remains available.  

Stay safe, stay calm and Craft your way through this crisis...  much love from us all. x


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Welcome to Daisymoon!

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Little Wooden Toboggan

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Little wooden toboggan, perfect to embellish a Christmas scene or to sledge up and down the branches of your Christmas tree!
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Did you know: Toboggans hark back to the early 1800s, where in northern Canada the simple sled was used to carry people and goods. Initially, they were little more than a couple of boards with a bend at the front – something we still see today. Then in the late 1800s, they realised there was fun to be had from their sleds, and tobogganing down slopes became as we know it today. Our little wooden toboggan would be perfect to embellish a Christmas scene or to sledge up and down the branches of your Christmas tree! Measures 6.5cmx2.5cm