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Happy New Year from all of us at Daisy Moon. 

Although it's a strange start to the year, we're hoping that 2021 is going to be a better one.

Keep safe, well and crafting through it all.

Much love x


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Welcome to Daisymoon!

Current Orders

We are currently cutting standard orders from February 16th.

We aim to have approximately a 1-2 week turnaround for standard items.  At busy periods this may be slightly longer.

All Custom/Personalised orders including Time Stood Still orders will take longer.

If you need a design altered or have a deadline by which you need your order please contact us BEFORE you place it.


Please be aware that we cannot arrange for orders to be collected  as members of the team were previously shielding and we have to prioritise their safety during this difficult time. 


Thank you for your understanding x

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  1. Naughty Princess sign!

    Naughty Princess sign!

    Item no. 2575
    ooh! a very naughty and stroppy sign not usually associated with your average Princess! Hope this hasn't offended you! .. for your very stroppy Princess! laser cut from 3mm ply designed by the very stroppy Princess himself: Grumpy Gnome! Learn More
  2. I have PMS & GPS funny humour plaque - Moon money maker

    I have PMS & GPS funny humour plaque - Moon money maker

    Item no. 2854
    Welcome to the Moon Money Maker Plaques! These plaques are a wonderful addition to any crafters creations! This funny item is aimed at the adults out there! A tongue-in-cheek humorous plaque which would make a great gift for a friend (especially those who are known to get a little.. grumpy!) This heart-shaped plaque measures approximately 19cm x 15cm, and has the phrase cut out "I have PMS & GPS Which means I'm a bitch & I will find you! Teehee, perhaps not one for the easily offended! All money maker plaques have the words cut straight through them! This makes painting them so much easier (and quicker!) for you! No need to worry about painting over any engravings. The plaques don't come with any embellishments, but we have lots available for you to buy to jazz your plaques up! If you buy 1 plaque, they are £2 each. If you buy 2-9, they are £1.50 each. If you buy 10-19, they are £1.25 each. And if you buy 20+, they are only £1 each! (Discount applies at check-out). Get crafting, get money making! (Copyright Daisymoon Designs 2016) Learn More
  3. Tongue in cheek quote plaque! adult humour

    Tongue in cheek quote plaque! adult humour

    Item no. 2882
    ooh.. I know. it's a bit rude and we do build our business on inspirational quotes and such... I think SleepyGnome must have had a bit of a day with soppy quotes when he came up with this one... but it did make me chuckle!! copyright daisymoon designs 2016 Learn More
  4. Adult humour plaque!  concerning your husband! (Or wife)

    Adult humour plaque! concerning your husband! (Or wife)

    Item no. 2883
    .. a bit cheeky this one! but it does ring true in many households! I think Men just don't see the mess.. or don't care.... one of the two! anyway.. for a bit of fun here's a humorous plaque to capture the sentiment. copyright daisymoon designs 2017 laser cut from 3mm ply Learn More
  5. Cheeky Prosecco Bottle & Glass holder

    Cheeky Prosecco Bottle & Glass holder

    Item no. 2890
    How about this for a bit of fun for your family and friends! This mdf board has a hole in the centre to slot over a bottle of plonk... best for the wider fizzy varieties.. and four cut outs in each corner to slot in your glasses! You may need to find the best glasses to fit, but we just bought a cheap set from a supermarket and they were fab! You have three option: Prosecco .. how classy people get Sh**faced Prosecco.. how classy people get fabulous one prosecco, two prosecco, three prosecco.... floor! copyright daisymoon designs 2017 Learn More
  6. Slim 'n Save Weight Loss Frame

    Slim 'n Save Weight Loss Frame

    Item no. 3018
    We hope you like our pretty Frame styled to fit in with home decor! Get motivated on your weight loss journey with this beautiful pound loss tracker.... as you lose a pound you gain a pound and save for a special treat when your goal is reached! These are available in 1 stone and 2 stone at the moment. They can be cut in mdf or ply.. use the drop down menu to make your selection . The frames come flat packed for you to assemble, you can use a spot of glue to attach the front and back, but the stands will keep both parts together. So.. Slim 'n Save! what have you got to lose!! Laser cut from 3mm mdf or ply copyright daisymoon designs 2018 Learn More

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