A Very Special Dragon (and person)

I'm always happy when we receive an order from our lovely Moonbeams, but there have been a couple of requests for one particular item that have made me beam from ear to ear.

It feels strange writing a blog reminiscing about Ben and my first date when we're counting down to our wedding (19 months, 4 weeks, 16 hours and 50 something minutes as I type) but I'm a huge sentimentalist and this little dragon takes me straight back to that day.

I was so nervous when I walked towards the board game cafe where we had arranged to meet but felt instantly at ease when I noticed this lovely, friendly faced man had also chosen to wear corduroy (a fabric that has since dominated both of our wardrobes).   We chatted, ate, played games and laughed together and the awkwardness seemed to melt away as if we had known each other for ever.

We decided that neither of us were really ready to say goodbye so wandered into the hustle and bustle of Cardiff's Christmas Markets.  Ben had spoken about working as a designer for his family business and out of the blue, as we were joking about how underdressed he was for the cold day (a theme that continued through our early dates) he casually pointed towards a stall and said "that's one of mine."

Hanging up for sale was an adorable little dragon.  I was utterly fascinated by the fact that this tangible thing, in the middle of a busy shopping hub on a random November day, had come from his doodles but even more fascinated to find out more about the doodler himself.  Little did I imagine that I would end up working for the same company with him and watching as he created hundreds of other designs!

From that point onwards, we were pretty much inseparable. Although neither of us admitted it until a couple of months in, we both knew we had found our person.  We've coped with over 100 days of lockdown separation, building flat pack furniture (the true test of any relationship), mental health wobbles and helping to manage the every day running of Daisymoon together and I honestly couldn't be happier.  I'm still fascinated by Ben (probably more so how he puts up with me rather than his doodles now!) and am loving every moment of building our lives together.  He truly is my soul mate, my rock and the love of my life and this little dragon reminds me of just how special he is every time I see it.

Love you Ben,

Lizzie x


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  • Just gorgeous 😍 so happy you have found one another after all of your wanderings & wonderings. A lovely muse Lizzie xxx love mama moon 🌙 ❤


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