We’re currently cutting standard (i.e non personalised or bespoke) items from 1st January onwards. Please contact us if you have any questions about your order x

About us

Daisymoon Designs Ltd is the UK's Leading Lasercut Factory.

We supply Craft supplies, Laser cuts, CNC shapes, MDF Letters, Shapes, Words and Quotes, Word art and a whole lot more.

We are a small, independent, family business run from our home in the Welsh valleys.

We design and make all our shapes here in our Barn workshop in South Wales using Fretsaws, Bandsaws, Lasers, CNC and a myriad of other machines.

Over the years, we have taken in many animals needing a home and we are now enjoying the company of seven cats; five dogs; a shetland pony; two turkeys; three geese and twenty pigs. We turned to our creative interests to try to raise money to help feed and care for them all. 

Meet the Moonteam


Daisy is the matriarch of the Farmily.
Her ideas drive Daisymoon and she enjoys sharing inspirational thoughts and mantras with our customers.
She loves hosting our Live Facebook sessions and giving the business her own personal touch.


Wayne is our laser guru and has been working in the industry for over 10 years. His technical expertise rescue us on frequent occasions!
When he's not fixing the machines, he can be found cuddling his cats.


 Benjamyn is our design expert. He has been an industry leader for the last 10 years, specialising in bespoke designs. He has a talent for taking an idea and putting his own, unique spin on it.  He even came up with this website's look.
Pop us an email if he can help with custom or bespoke items.


Lizzie joined Daisymoon in July 2020 and is looking forward to becoming an "official" member of the Farmily when she and Ben get married in 2023.
She tends to be the one packing orders and answering your queries and built this website with Ben.


Hannah is our resident artist. She is incredibly talented and enjoys creating works of art inspired by family and nature.
She can be found demoing products and helping Daisy on the Live Facebook sessions.