First Blog by Daisy

Well Hello anyone & everyone who takes the time to read the musings of a daisy in a hat!  It was such a hot day when I took this selfie that any hat would do! It certainly has been melting weather & it's easy to feel so hot that you just can't be bothered.. but that is not me!  In the heat of the weekend it was too hot to paint.. it dried on the brush before it even saw the wall of the house.. it was too hot to cement for the same reason, so we chose to work on our little rockery pond outside the moon shed instead. We thought that would be manageable! Hmmmm.. three pallets of bricks, four wheelbarrows of sand.... and three pallets of rocks later (plus a few naps in between and a lager & lime shandy) it didn't feel quite as easy as we'd hoped!  But we had something to show for our sweat & cursings but it's not finished yet!

.. and that's a bit like our life isn't it? Nothing worth having comes easy, dreams are fuel for your future but you have to work for them.. you have to put your wishes into action and fuel those wishes with real emotion and practical steps forward. Everyday this business of ours brings challenges, obstacles & sometimes a desire to pull the blankets back over our heads but I thrive on momentum, ideas, determination and the support of everyone around me, including our fabulous base of customers who fire our passion and imagination every day . So from our Marvellous moonteam to you our Awesome customers and supporters, thank you for being there .. you inspire us to Create & Grow, and I hope in some small way we do the same for you!  

Until next time : Love & Light from Daisy and the Crew xxxx


  • Brilliant blog loved reading what you are getting up too. I hope everyone is doing okay and not too hot while working.
    Take care and have a lovely day xx

    Lynne Nye
  • Hi Daisy and the crew, it has been a bit of a melter this past few days, far too hot to be doing any kind of work, even in the garden! Love the hat, take care, try and stay cool and hydrated xx

    Beverley Silcox

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