Welcome to a new phase for Daisymoon

Less than a fortnight ago, the first edition of our website decided to call it a day after a decade of some-what-mostly loyal service. We’ve been meaning to migrate from the outdated system for at least a year; like a tree, our roots became too big for the plant pot we were in, but time and nostalgia hindered us until it became necessary. We fought with our original site through bugs and issues down to the last wire. Last year, Adobe’s Flash abandoned us, stopping us from uploading new images on specific web browsers and, thus, new items to the website. Soon, other browsers were against us one by one until an unlikely hero protected us from stagnating. Explorer kept our dear site afloat in the storm of uncertainty until our website’s final breath. For all the jokes I’ve made about it being a one-stop, glorified Firefox, Chrome, or Opera downloader, it was there for us in the end. I for one will raise my respect for it, if only for a little bit.

We knew Daisymoon V1 days were numbered, so I searched in my old files for a new site concept and pitched it to Daisy. Knowing it was only a matter of time, I put together a brief for the site you’re reading this on, detailing the hex codes, site maps, images, etc. However, the day I posted our new brief to Daisy was also the old website’s last day online. The following morning, instead of our trusty webpage, we were greeted with an error: “Service Temporarily Unavailable”. 

I’m sorry to see the old site go. It’s been with us since the beginning after finding success selling Daisy’s Designs on eBay. We started as a card embellishment business and grew into our own industry. Now with over three thousand products and thousands of orders later, we’re back to square one with our online presence.

Thankfully we still have our cutting files, but all our prices, SKU codes, descriptions and images are lost. It’ll take some time building up our catalogue again, this time with a better search function. Those who shopped with us before will know how difficult it was to find something in the search bar!

I think it’s important to reflect on the negative moments to find the positives. The previous site was ancient in the eyes of the internet and lacked so many functions we have with this new addition. Facebook, Instagram and soon Pinterest will integrate with our catalogue. We have greater analytics and customisability in the shop; better search functionality; discounts, gift cards, and sales features.

Most importantly, a fresh start. Little changed on our old website because we were always too busy to go through it. Now we have the opportunity to look through all our items and decide what should make a return. Like a bonsai tree, one must trim the odd branch or leaf for the plant's sake. 

Thank you to all our customers who’ve helped us along the way over the last decade or so. Your orders help us keep our rescue animals safe and fed. If you don’t already join us for our weekly Saturday offers, pop over to our Facebook page for Daisy’s discounts and live demos of our products. Another mention of thanks goes to Lizzie, my partner. She toiled away last weekend frantically Googling how to set up a new website and has stayed dedicated to her mission as she adds more products as I type (and probably as you read, too).

Remember, the next time life knocks you down, find a new pot. Take some time replanting and trim the excess leaves that are holding you back. Change can be a good thing. 

Your Designer,

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  • You guys are fab, always helpful , the giveaways , the laughs and the positive comments keep me going oh and I’m still sorting thru my big box of goodies x


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