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Look at the magical mis-match mayhem of the patterns! Stay odd. These socks are even Vegan friendly! They have been a favourite of the Moon team for over 10 years. They even stay up when wearing your wellies or hiking boots!  Delightfully mismatched your feet will be forever toesty and vibrant!


More than an apparel brand, Solmate Socks likes to think of themselves as a destination for cultivating creativity and embracing individuality. Their whimsically mismatched socks and accessories are designed to accentuate style and natural beauty - meant to be worn with confidence and pride. They are full of love, warmth and character. But they are so much more than that.

In addition to their sustainable production, they take great pride in caring for our employees, valuing people over profit. As ethical practices are paramount to the brand, they pay all of our employees living wages, along with generous medical benefits. They are proud to be one of the few mills in the American hosiery industry that offers these types of benefits, and hope to inspire more to do the same.

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